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Alphacool NexXxos ST30 Full Copper 280mm prefilled AIO Edition

SGD $165.80


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Expand your Alphacool CPU or GPU AIO with the prefilled Alphacool radiators. Connect the quick release fasteners with the corresponding AIO and enjoy higher cooling performance. It is that simple.

NexXxoS Radiator Foundation
The Alphacool NexXxoS are amongst the best-known radiators worldwide. Alphacool relies exclusively on copper for all components that encounter the coolant. The end chambers, the water channels and the cooling fins are made of copper. Only the ports are made of brass due to the higher strength of the thread. The fin density is 16 FPI, so the radiator can also work very well with slow rotating fans, while a higher fin density would mean a higher resistance and would need higher RPM. In addition, all fins have so -called “flaps” which provide for a higher air turbulence, which in turn increases the cooling capacity of the radiators.

TPV Tubing
All new AIO systems from Alphacool use TPV hoses. This is more resistant and kink-proof than all standard PVC hoses. TPV hoses tolerate working temperatures from -50 to +155° C and are therefore mainly used for industrial use. TPV hoses also do not contain any plasticizers that will flush out of the hoses over time. This can make PVC hoses hard and porous. They also change their colour to a cloudy yellow. Of course, this cannot happen with the black TPV hoses. Alphacool Enterprise Solutions only uses TPV hoses due to their peculiarities for server and workstation customers.

Quick Release Fasteners
For easy connection to the AIO systems, the set is equipped with the corresponding quick release fasteners. One side has a male and the other a female connector which are compatible to all Alphacool AIO systems. The safety quick-release fasteners are not simply plugged together but screwed directly together. This prevents the quick release fastener from opening unintentionally. Only 1-2 drops of water are lost when opening the quick release fastener.

The TPV fittings, like the TPV hose, also come from the Alphacool Enterprise Solution series and offer extremely high tensile strength. Thanks to the integrated locking ring, the tensile strength is over 15 kg. The tensile strength of normal connections does not even reach half of this value in most cases.

Extending the AIO?
All AIO systems from Alphacool can be expanded. Thanks to powerful pumps, at least one extension can be connected to each AIO. Whether it is a graphics card cooler on a CPU AIO or another radiator on a GPU AIO, there are various possible combinations. The prefilled radiators offer an easy way to expand the cooling capacity of your own Alphacool AIO system. All you need to do is mount the radiator at the desired position in the case and connect it to the corresponding AIO using the quick release fasteners. No liquid needs to be topped up when you are using the quick disconnects as only one or two small drips will escape. If you do this many times, obviously a top up would be suggested.

Technical data:
LxWxH: 314 x 144 x 30 mm
Material: copper
Material outer housing: steel
Fins per Inch: 16
Threads: 2 x G1/4“
Thread size fan mounting: M3
Fan size: 140 mm
Fan slots: 2 single sided / 4 double sided
Pressure tested: 0,8 bar
Certificates: CE, FC, RoHS