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Alphacool Leak Testing Tool incl. Pump

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Once you have completed building your cooling loop, the last step is usually the filling of the system. Leaks are not uncommon at this stage. Often it is because a HardTube or hose is not seated correctly, or a fitting has not been screwed in completely. With the Alphacool Leak Testing Tool you can ensure there are no leakst before filling the system.

The Leak Testing Tool consists of a hand pump, a pressure indicator, and a 11/8mm hose with a G1/4″ threaded connection at the end. The whole thing is connected to each other via a TEE piece. The hose is 40 cm long and has an anti-kink spring.

You connect the Alphacool Leak Testing Tool to a free G1/4″ port in the system and operate the hand pump until the desired pressure is reached. Please note here that there may be different maximum specifications depending on the hardware manufacturer. Now you should wait about 15 to 20 minutes. If the pressure has not dropped after this time, your cooling loop is airtight and therefore watertight.