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Alphacool ES 2U – 19″ – Server Rack – Watercooling ready

SGD $495.00


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The Alphacool ES 2U ServerRack has been specifically optimised to accommodate water cooling sets that can dissipate up to 880W of waste heat in this enclosure. For this purpose, the enclosure not only offers a mounting frame for a maximum of one 4x80mm full copper radiator of the Alphacool NexXxoS series. The optionally available Alphacool ES 80 mm fans with PWM control ensure optimum cooling performance.

The 2U server rack offers mounting options for four 5.25″ drives on the left and right side of the front. Alternatively, each 5.25″ bay offers the option of mounting three 3.5″ drives via an enclosed adapter. A mounting frame for mounting up to six 2.5″ drives is possible in the centre front. The mounting frame for the 2.5″ can also be mounted in other places in the case.

For mounting an SSI-EBB mainboard, all the usual screw connection options in the classic ATX format are available. This includes all mounting holes for Mini-ITX to EE-ATX. The case offers space for up to seven 0.8″ low-profile cards.

Water cooling for 880W waste heat
With an appropriate water cooling system, up to 880W of waste heat can be dissipated in this case. Alphacool offers special water cooling sets for this purpose, which can be individually configured and are delivered to the customer pre-filled. The mounting frame for the radiator and fans can be moved within the enclosure to suit any set-up.

Please note: The case comes without I/O panel. Alphacool offers a separate set of I/O panel and cable harness under item number 25054.

Overview of all compatible sets for this enclosure can be found here!

Additional information

Technical Data

Form factor: 2U
Length: 730.75 mm (28,77 Inch)
Width: 478.50 mm (18,84 Inch)
Height: 88.90 mm (3,50 Inch)
Weight (only housing without common rails): 13.18 kg (29.05 lbs)

4 x 5,25“ Slots 3 x 3,5"
8 x 2.5“ HDD/SSD

3 x 3,5" Per double 5,25 Slot
Material: Galvanised sheet steel
Material thickness: 1.2 mm
Colour case: Grey
Colour front: Black