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Alphacool Eisbecher Aurora D5 Acetal/Glass – 250mm

SGD $168.80


The Alphacool Eisbecher Aurora glass reservoir uses a real glass tube rather than the usual plastic tube that Alphacool usually relies on. The embedded 5V digital RGB LED ring and the new design makes the reservoir look magnificent. Of course, the Lighttower water effect is used again. The mounting can be done via feet but also mounted on 120 or 140mm fan mounts or even directly to a radiator.

Extensive mounting options
There are two basic mounting options, but these can be used in a versatile way. The Eisbecher Aurora glass reservoir has feet included so that it can be mounted to the bottom of the case, for example. However, Alphacool also includes mounting frames with which the Eisbecher Aurora can also be mounted on any 120 or 140 mm fan location. This also means you can mount directly on to radiator or fans.

Digital RGB lighting
12 aRGB LEDs illuminate the glass tube of the reservoir They are located in a ring at the bottom of the glass tube and are not visible from the outside. The illumination is particularly strong at the bottom and slowly decreases towards the top. In combination with the Lighttower water effect, a very special kind of illumination is achieved. Especially by the reflections in the real glass. The Digital RGB LEDs are connected, as with all Alphacool products via a 3-pin JST connector. Other Alphacool Digital RGB products can be connected directly via the Y-adapter.

Lighttower water effect
A special water effect is created in the Aurora Eisbecher via the riser tubes. If you do not fill the reservoir beyond the top of the riser tube, you will get a kind of fountain effect. In this case, the water is pushed out the sides of the riser tube and splashed against the glass tube. Depending on the strength of the flow of the loop, the effect is stronger or weaker. There is one riser tube with this effect at the bottom inlet and one at the top inlet.