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Alphacool D-RAM Module (for Alphacool D-RAM Cooler)

SGD $37.50


Due to the new Alphacool D-RAM modules all memory blocks can easily and quickly be equipped with water coolers!

A fight against the underrated heat source “memory” has been announced with the new system of the Alphacool D-RAM coolers .

With these modules, the memory blocks are clamped in the modules (with the attached thermal pads) to achieve optimum cooling results .

The separately available D-RAM coolers are added and screwed in at the required size after successful assembly.

We recommend a very thin layer of thermal paste applied between module and cooler for an optimal heat transfer.

A thicker thermal pad must be used on one side for single-sided memory blocks which is not included and has to be bought separately.

Additional information

Tech Specs

Manufacturer: Alphacool
Top cover material: Aluminium
Cooling plate material: Aluminium
Compatibility: 2x RAM

Package Contents

2x module for D-RAM
4x thermal pads
Fitting accessories