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Alphacool Aurora Acryl X4 D-RAM Water Block

SGD $100.00


The Alphacool Aurora Plexi X4 D-RAM water cooler offers in combination with the Alphacool D-RAM modules (manufacturer no. 17268) the perfect cooling for your RAM. The digital RGB LED Aurora lighting also offers the ideal extension to your Alphacool Aurora products.

Quality and design
The cooler itself consists of a massive 4 mm thick copper block which has been nickel plated. The design is now identical to all new Aurora products from Alphacool. Since a pure Plexiblock is not very pretty, we have embedded a nice black frame. This makes the cooler more interesting and fits harmonically very well into the Aurora series.

The LED strip with the addressable digital LEDs has been embedded into the side of the RAM cooler and sits flush.

Digital RGB lighting
The aRGB LED strip has six digital RGB LEDs. Enough to illuminate the entire RAM cooler homogeneously. Each LED can be controlled separately with an appropriate controller. This makes a variety of effects possible especially in combination with other Alphacool Aurora water-cooling components, cross-over effects can be displayed throughout the entire PC.  For example, dynamic lighting modes can be used to jump from the CPU block to GPU block to RAM cooler.

Intelligent aRGB connection
The addressable digital RGB LEDs are connected via the familiar 3-pin connector. A suitable female to male connector for the header is also included. This should make it possible to operate the Alphacool Aurora Plexi X4 D-RAM water cooler with all common motherboards that include an aRGB connector without any problems.

If you want to use several Alphacool Aurora products, you can look forward to the integrated Y-adapter on the cable. This means that instead of using aftermarket adapters you can simply connect all Aurora products to each other. In the worst case only extension cables are needed.

Very simple assembly
Installation of the Alphacool Aurora Plexi X4 D-RAM is very easy. Simply place the RAM modules into the Alphacool Modules, use the included thermal materials to ensure heat transfer is optimal and then screw on the Alphacool Aurora Plexi X4 D-RAM block to the modules using the included screws.

Additional information

Tech Specs

W x T x H: 128 x 45 x 19 mm
Net weight: 258 g
Max working: temperature 60 °C
Material cooler: nickel plated copper
Material top: Plexi
Threads: 2 x G1/4“
Power supply: Digital RGB 3-Pin 5V
Pressure tested: 1,5 Bar
Certificates: CE, FC, ROHS