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Build Check: One-Of-A-Kind PC For Bullet For My Valentine’s Touring Photographer

Unconventional Idea For Unconventional Usage

We had a chance to work with a good friend, Ryan Chang, who was back in Singapore during a short break in his hectic touring schedule. For the uninitiated, Ryan has built a career out of photographing some of the biggest music acts in the world, and is currently the touring photographer for Bullet For My Valentine and Grammy-award winning Ghost. During his time back home in Singapore, he wanted to build a PC that could handle the intense workload of his content production and also the rigors of touring around the world. After much discussion, we decided that a PC built into a custom touring case would be the best expression of his identity and also serve these functions.

To make this possible, we managed to hunt down an artisan who specializes in fabricating touring cases for artistes like Kitaro and Phil Collins. The brief was simple: to make a custom case that is rugged, yet not compromising the airflow required of the Cooler Master NR-200. The solution was to have special cutouts in the foam and an exhaust port so that airflow is unobstructed and the PC can cool efficiently.


Cooler Master NR200 fitted snugly inside the custom made touring case.
Specially placed cutouts in the foam allows unobstructed airflow into the PC.
Exhaust port at the top to vent hot air out of the case.
Top view of exhaust port.
Industry grade butterfly latches for security during transportation.

Using Cutting Edge Tools For Precise Cutting

No touring case is complete without the signature stenciled lettering. In order to fabricate those, we used an industrial laser cutter to cut out the stencils. Afterwards, it was a matter of placing them onto the case and have them permanently marked onto the case with a bit of modelling spray paint.


Only really special builds get this mark of excellence.
There’s no doubting who this PC belongs to.
Ryan’s first ever show working for Ghost, at the Royal Albert Hall.
We decided to attach some of the stage passes that Ryan have collected along his many years of touring.
Touring cases are usually numbered for stock keeping, but we decided to give it number 65, which is Singapore’s international calling code, to remind him of home.
We take pride is doing these special projects for professionals like Ryan. It was really a fun build for the Advanced Projects division to work on.